Door County Wisconsin's Premier Vacation Guide

Door County Wisconsin has 300 miles of coastline, and with 11 lighthouses, has one of the highest concentration of lighthouses of any county in the country! This is Door County at its best!

Some very beautiful lights are in Door County, and all have a fascinating history that you can learn about right here, on the Door County Lighthouses walks that take place every May or June, and from in-person tours you can take of some of the lights and homes that housed the families in the late 1800's who ran the lights and saved lots of lives.  Door County has some of the most lights of any county in the country!

Door County Lighthouses Video Tour #1

• Door County Lighthouses Video Tour #2

Enjoy the rich history of the lighthouses of Door County Wi, and the many islands that surround the peninsula (there are almost 40!). Water, water everywhere is absolutely true about Door County. And its history of shipping, logging and fishing made lighthouses a necessity - the beacons in the night for captains to guide their ships safely in the Lake and Green Bay waters of the peninsula. 

Baileys Harbor Lighthouse Info

Cana Island Lighthouse Info



Chambers Island Lighthouse Info

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Info

Pilot Island Lighthouse Info

Plum Island Range Lights Info

Pottawatomie (Rock Island) Lighthouse Info

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General Door County Lighthouse Information

Also check for the annual Lighthouse Tour weekend - check's Calendar of Events for May and June.

Also check with Door County Trolley for lighthouse tours aboard a beautiful trolley.