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Summer Sundown

Who is Door County For? You!

By Dan Silvestri

Door County is a special place! Read all about it, and see why Door County should be in your travel plans! The beauty of this unique gem, this spectacular peninsula, is on Mother Nature’s canvas for all to see, as she paints spectacular vistas one after the other for every season. If you have never been to Door County, trust us at to steer you right. If you have been, you already know that we will help you get you the most out of each and every trip to Door County! So come along with us on this fantastic journey - Summer, Fall Winter, Spring - it's all here!

Who is Door County For?


By Dan Silvestri

Well, if you are young, in college, in your 20-40s, this is one spectacular place. If you are active and want to swim, ride horses, golf, tour by water or land, go boating, sailing, scuba diving, parasailing, want to zip through the sparkling waters on your own personal water craft (like a Waverunner™ ), or go charter fishing – you can do it all here. Even in the fall! If you love the arts, performing arts and galleries – there is quite a collection of talented artists on theFall Bluffs peninsula who create in every media you can imagine. The live performances at places like Peninsula Players, the Door Community Auditorium, American Folklore Theatre, Birch Creek Music performance, Door Shakespeare and at other venues (like at restaurants indoors and out) is just wonderful to experience. We even have one of the last drive-in movie theaters playing first run movies – great fun at the Skyway Drive In! Enjoy fine dining? There are some spectacular places here like The Waterfront in Sister Bay, Harbor Fish Market & Grille in Baileys Harbor and more. And casual is the norm in Door County. Fine dining or not, you can be Door County casual all the time.

The state parks are amazing for bike riding, camping, hiking. And sometimes we can see the Northern Lights!

Cell service is available in most areas (of course, carriers differ in quality).And hey – don’t worry – we have wifi and your smart phones will work.

Are you in your 50’s or older? Plenty for you as well. People are very active in attending theater and live performances, special dining, boating and sailing and more.

Like nature? Here, you are surrounded with beauty! Chill out and relax. Theater is for all, live performances, movies, lectures, scenic guided walks through historic towns, stroll through Ridges Sanctuary, the wonderful State Parks, the natural sites like Cave Point, the 11 lighthouses (more lighthouses here than most other counties in the country), Ellison Bay Bluffs – and oh, the sunsets! People now are active now well into their 70s and beyond. You can do all of the above. You can also take it easy, chill out and do almost nothing! It's up to you!

Door County is for you!

The sunsets in Door County are magnificent! If you have seen you, you know. If you have not, get up here right now! The splash of colors in the western sky at sundown is different all the time. Deep pinks, purples, blues, greens, lavenders, reds – all mix together to put on quite a unique show every clear night.  Winter sunsets are expecially magical.

You can watch sunsets from the Egg Harbor Marina or Egg Harbor Beach, from the Ephraim Beach, from the Ellison Bay Bluffs County Park, from restaurants and inns, from the bottomWho is Door County For Sunset of the peninsula in Sturgeon Bay to the tip at Gills Rock and most places in between. I never tire of a Door County sunset – each is special unto itself. Even winter sunsets are spectacular!

Come see the sunset. Take your camera, smart phone, tablet – whatever you use – and capture stupendous moments in history – a Door County sunset. I bet you’ll use one as your desktop background on your computer. This is all happening on the Bay Side of the peninsula.

And if you’re an early riser, you can go or stay to the other side of the peninsula, the Lake Michigan side, and catch a sunrise over the lake. How great is that?! A sunrise over water and a sunset over water in the same day, only miles apart!


Winter is here! And it is magical!  You must make a Winter trip to Door County Wisconsin - becasue you desrve it.  It is the uiet season and fun! .  

Always check our Calendar of Events to see what's happening now and downlaod our mobile app, Door County On the Go to take us with you!

Drive through the center of the peninsula, go places here you have never been – go down the “road less travelled” and see parts of Door County you have not seen before. Winter is magical - Currier & IIves!  Come on up! 

So make sure you come up to Door County right now. After all, Door County is for you!

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By Dan Silvestri