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Good Eggs

8290 Brookside Lane, Ephraim, WI,
Not long ago, a good egg told us to head on over to the Good Eggs in Ephraim. So, always looking for great new spots, we headed on up there to see what the fuss was about.

Keep it simple. The owner had an idea: get an awesome omelet wrap in several varieties and sizes - right here at Good Eggs in Ephraim.

The concept of simplicity is carried out throughout this little roadside cottage-turned-into-eating-spot. The simple white building has an entrance and an exit – step in, (use the entrance – I walked in the exit!) step up to the drinks person and order beverage of choice: orange juice, coffee or milk. If you order coffee, serve yourself. Then step over to the cook and tell him what you want. You can choose an omelet grilled with vegetables, cheese (like cheddar or pepper jack), and/or meat (like bacon, or chicken), in the basic, standard or deluxe models – which has something to do with the size and amount and ingredients.

We stopped in on 4th of July weekend, on a Sunday, and it was slow moving to get your order in and get it made, but on average, we think you can move in and out pleasantly. The wait was enjoyable as you chat with others in line and the staff as well. There is a single table inside, and about 10 outside – most have a surfboard surface, which seems to be a unique theme here, for Door County. The outdoor tables are mostly shaded, which adds to the overall pleasant experience.

I ordered a standard vegetable wrap in my choice of a tomato-basil wrapper (you can choose also from a southwestern, cilantro, or plain flour). Joel (I think the opener and cook) was grilling up 8 at once when he was making mine. When the wait was over, I took my coffee and wrap and headed out to surf – uh, well to a surfboard table. The wrap was oozing with ingredients, and my first bike was popping out waiting for me. So I indulged. Ahh – excellent! Stuffed with red and green sweet peppers, scallions, black olives, black bean salsa (my choice), potent potatoes and pepper jack cheese, this was one heck of a first bite.

The flavor was a terrific blend of spices, seasonings and textures, with a slight kick to it.

Priced between about $5.50 and $7.00, you get one terrific meal in this special wrap. Great concept, great execution. We loved it. You don’t get any sides, etc. with this – you get the wrap (wrapped in wax paper) placed in a plastic basket. Keep it simple. On a nice summer day, this is a genuine treat.

Serving breakfast wraps from 7 am to about 1pm, and lunch wraps (and a smoothie bar) from about 1 pm to 3pm, you can catch the Good Eggs open from May through October. We recommend it – and suggest you even go out of your way to get there. Easy to miss, so keep an eye out for a small Good Eggs sign on the right side of the road (heading north) right at Brookside.

Please tell them the good eggs at sent you!