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Please enjoy our crossword puzzles on a desktop computer in the meantime.

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Online Jigsaw & Crossword Puzzles


Have fun putting together some beautiful Door County pictures that has taken around the County! Jigsaw puzzles are always fun, and when you complete these, you will have a beautiful picture of Door County, so enjoy! We’ll keep adding new ones so that you will always be challenged and always have something new to enjoy.


  1. The bottom third of the assembly square can be used to store your pieces, as the completed puzzle can be made to fit into the top two thirds of the square.
  2. You can set the number of pieces you want in the puzzle. We recommend setting the pieces to 8 x 8 for a total of 64 pieces. It’s fun and enjoyable, while challenging too!
  3. You can always ask for a Hint by hitting the Hint button! Two pieces that fit together will flash!
  4. You can ask the puzzle to solve itself – but what fun is that?!

Enjoy this fun way to see more of Door County!


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