Meandering among the winding roads; tumbling beyond the vibrant cherry orchards; admiring the sailboats  floating upon the glistening lake. My heart is leaping in delight as we reach the beloved town of Fish Creek. I step outside to smell the crisp air when the faint summer breeze whisks up a scent of a delicious fish boil fragrance. 

Now, perhaps your appetite drools over the taste of fish, or perhaps you’re like me—craving anything but seafood. (Luckily they offer other meal choices!) However, Door County’s fish boils are one of my best-loved memories of each summer. I have grown up in absolute fondness for this yearly tradition.

I reminisce the sight of fish being tossed in the outdoor boiler as the warmth of the flame dances against my skin. First a luminous orange blaze, bursting to a brighter and taller flame, then fading down to a black tone. And again. And again. And maybe once more.

As a young girl, my eyes would grow big in exhilaration. "Okay," I would say, "NOW we can eat!!" 

Though, I would have to put my patience into practice. But fortunately, in the alluring town of Fish Creek, venturing around the town has its own adventurous charm. My favorites: shopping at the dozens of shops nestled in the descending hill, browsing through an assortment of sugared goodies at the local Confectionary, and wandering up and down the boat docks as the sunset is being painted upon the sky. Simply relaxing. 

But soon enough, conversing, laughter, and clanking of forks and knives are all sounds heard within this precious family time. The cousins, the aunts, the uncles, the grandparents are all gathered around one table whilst reveling in one's company over the deluctable freshness of fish (or chicken for me). The sky grows dim, the lake disappears in the darkness of the night, but this cherished family time only becomes brighter and brighter.

So I encourage you, family and friends, whether you hunger for fish or not, be sure to venture over to Pelletier’s Restaurant & Fish Boil in the country-land of Wisconsin’s finest. You never know, a fishy summer breeze may just pick up your appetite for a tasty midwestern fish boil.

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