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Ellison Bluff Park
Ellison Bay

The 250 miles of beautiful coastlines of Door County are well known to most, as is the fact that because Door County is a peninsula, it has more lighthouses than any other county in the U.S.

But finding an isolated spot of beauty, where you can experience first-hand the beauty of this fabulous County sometimes is tough. Ellison Bluff Park is one of these places of beauty, with a vista that is spectacular, and a park probably most of us have not been too, let alone experienced its beauty for ourselves.

So, our second Door County Gem is Ellison Bluff Park! It is indeed in Ellison Bay, so that’s why “Ellison” is in its name; and, it sits high upon a thickly wooded bluff; so “Bluff” is in its name; and yes, it is also a park with some picnic tables and rest rooms, so “Park” is a natural. But they should have put the “Bay” in its name. Because, Ellison Bluff Park provides a vista of the shimmering waters of Green Bay like few other places in Door County.
When on the south end of Ellison Bay, you will see a sign for Ellison Bluff Park – do follow the signs and take a few precious moments that will provide you with many lasting memories of beauty. Head down Porcupine Rd. to Ellison Bluff Road, and keep going. You will find a spot to park the car. Then hike up to the bluff area! There are a couple of “look-out” spots that are respite to sore city eyes. Don’t forget the camera – you will want to take some pictures here so you can remember it well! Truly, on any kind of a day, whether it’s foggy, clear and sunny or somewhere in between, Ellison Bluff Park has much to offer!

Look below to the trees, pines, flowers and water. For the most part, it will not be crowded, so you will have a special moment to commune with nature and enjoy. You might find a couple or two in love, hugging and enjoying their time together, or a family or two taking advantage of the park and the view. Whoever you find there, they too will be special – not everyone comes to the Bluff, so make sure you are one of them!

Take it is for all it’s worth; and it’s worth a lot because it is one of Door County’s Gems!

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