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Marathon “Service” Station
Ellison Bay

Ok, it’s true – it’s weird to have a gas station be a genuine “gem” in Door County. You might be wondering, “Has the Navigator gone mad?”

Well, we assure you, we scour the county constantly for things we think real people would like to know. So, we are recommending that while you are in Door County and you need a fill-up, head on into the Marathon station in Ellison Bay. “A fill-up,” you wonder? Yes, a “fill-up.”

Pull up to one of the three pumps, but don’t look for credit card slots or fancy electronics on these three pumps. No sir. No ma’am. In fact, don’t even get out of your car.

That’s right. Someone will be right with you – a real live person will actually exit the interior station part or from one of the two mechanics’ bays, greet you and ask what need. OK, this is where it gets tricky. You must tell the station attendant what type of gas you want. You know, the kind you usually get out of the car and pump yourself. Don’t be flustered and forget, just tell the attendant, and he/she will pump your gas for you! That’s right! Some may remember when gas stations were called “service” stations. Yes, the attendant pumps your gas for you here! And, wait – hang on – he also really cleaned my windshield – the bugs were gone!

And inside, they sell pop and candy bars and stuff like that. This is a trip in the “way-back” machine, and if you like to be reminded of much simpler times, with no false pretenses or marketing gimmickry, then pull into the Marathon Service Station in Ellison Bay. It is truly a wonderful experience, costs no more than gas anywhere else, and is the only station we know of that still does this! This is a true Door County Gem!

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