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Malibu Moo's Frozen Griddle

4151 Maple Street, Fish Creek, WI,

Housed in a quaint cottage down by the Fish Creek docks, Malibu Moo’s offers some of Door County’s best custard, and perhaps the largest combination of flavors and toppings anywhere in the County.

Malibu Moo's logo in Fish Creek WiThis “Tiki” setting, with thatched umbrella tables (palapa structures!) on the outside, along with a surfboard menu, and plants and vines on the inside, is a fun place!  Under new ownership as of spring 2012, Malibu Moo's is one of our favorite fun places to go.

This charming little stop is a must for Door County travelers and locals alike. Open from May through October, Malibu Moo’s is charming, delightful, and the custard – well, awesome. This is a fun place to visit and a must-stop for all!
Holy Cow!

Opened in 2002 (originally at the “Cabin” between Egg Harbor and Fish Creek), the place has been hopping ever since with a huge selection of flavors that can be added to your basic vanilla and chocolate custard. And the owner and pleasant staff prepares your selection on a frozen marble griddle, which keeps the custard icy cold while she mixes up your flavors and toppings. Literally, there are 21 flavors and hundreds of combinations available everyday! Sherrie, the original owner, once told us: “The Special of the Day is . . . YOU!” You can get what you want here!  And Mary, the new owner, is carrying on the tradition!

Mailbu Moo's outdoor seating in Fish Creek WiIn fact, in 2008, Door County Magazine ran another "Best Of...." award series, based on voting from their subscriber base. And under the category "Restaurant Desserts", Malibu Moo's placed 3rd - right behind Alexander's and Inn at Kristopher's who tied for 1st. Now Alexander's and the Inn at Kristofer's are full, fine dining restaurants, while Malibu Moo's focuses on fun foods and desert items! Pretty awesome. We can see why they won this award!

And adding to the fun-food category in 2009, how about a genuine Chicago Style hot dog? Yep -there's an authentic hot dog cart outside the shop for your dining delight! We can't wait to try one - fully loaded - and hey, no ketchup on the dog in Chicago as we know!

And now. . . .Shave Ice!

Straight from Hawaii, the concept of “shave ice” is sweeping Door County – at Malibu Moo’s! Ice is shaved into a fine icy powder, then your choice of flavor is added – and this flavor is absorbed into the fine ice – eat this with a spoon - this is no snow cone! We have had some and they are a delight on a hot summer day! Lots of flavors like sours (which kids love), some sugar frees, some Hispanic flavors too (in Mexico shave ice is called raspados), and Hawaiian flavors as well like Lychee, Lilikoi (passion fruit) and Li Hing Mui. Whew – how can you not love this place? And we think we will like the little holder they come in!

Our Test

Whew we first strolled in I asked Sherrie (the original owner) what I should get. After some discussion, it was clear that chocolate custard with amaretto and Door County cherries was right for me. I chose a waffle cone as opposed to a plain cone or cup, and began to eat this eye-appealing selection. Now – did it appeal equally well to the taste buds?

This rich, smooth, creamy concoction bursting with a combination of amaretto and cherries was awesome – Holy Cow is all I could say! Oh yeah! This was a great selection, and I stepped outside where there are several tables on the covered rustic porch, and where an additional few more sit upon the lawn. I forced myself to finish this delectable treat – it was a great portion with great flavor. I was content. Then I introduced myself as the reviewer from – Sherrie had heard of us and was amused!  We have been back dozens of times since, and always look forward to it.

Malibu Loo's flavors and toppings in Fish Creek WiFlavors and Toppings

The blackboards tell the tale of what flavors and toppings you can get. To your vanilla or chocolate first-class custard, you can add all-time favorite flavors like mint, peanut butter, coffee, and caramel; and there’s more: how about coconut, bourbon rum (I should have tried this one!), banana, pina colada, amaretto, and dreamsicle.

Toppings like Door County cherries, coconut, chocolate rocks, Heath, Snickers, M&Ms, chocolate chips. Nerds, Oreos, cashews, strawberries, apples, raspberries – get the idea? The combination is almost mind-boggling – you can mix flavors, toppings etc. to get something custom-made for you!

The shop has some special “signature” sundaes available too, like a Volcano, Fish Boil and a 7 Layer Bar Sundae. Or you can get a Jittery Cow – which is vanilla or chocolate custard and coffee; or a Smooth Moos which teams up hot cocoa and custard –a perfect fall treat! Is this a dream come true? Oh yeah! We must return and sample more!

Soft drinks, coffee and other drinkables are available as well.
Here, at Malibu Moo’s, you will not just find the traditional “flavor of the day.” Here you will find a ton of flavorful opportunity awaiting your palette – everyday! Remember, “The Special of the Day is YOU!”

Malibu Loo's shack in Fish Creek WiOn Saturday afternoons, you might even see Malibu Moo hanging around the shop! Yes, the cow is there sometimes, so bring the kids and take a look to see if you can “spot” Malibu Moo!

We wanted to see what others thought of the place, so we took a peak at the guest book to see what others are saying. So here are a few comments:

“Bravo! Hit the spot – I’ll be back!”
“We will continue to stop here!”
“Could not leave town without another stop. . .!”
Malibu Moo's in Downtown Fish Creek - right near the dock in the little shops behind the Bayside Tavern - is a delight! You get a real "Tiki" feeling here in this almost-tropical atmosphere - with "thatched" umbrellas outside, and wonderful offerings on the inside, it's a great treat for anyone! Stop in and say hello and enjoy!

HINT: We have been in here so often we have a special treat that we named: get a Haleakala Crater - trust me - you will LOVE it.

I think we are all in agreement – this is one great spot to stop, so make sure you do. We force ourselves to eat a lot of custard throughout Door County so we can test them out (smile) – but if you want custard in Door County, Malibu Moo's is the place to go – and the Tiki feel, along with the great staff, make it such a pleasant experience. Don’t miss this one!!  Make sure you tell Mary and the staff that sent you (and recommended the Haleakala Crater)!


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