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Shipwrecked Restaurant & Brewery

7791 Egg Harbor Rd, Egg Harbor, WI,
In the heart of Egg Harbor, Shipwrecked Brewery claims to be the only micro-brewery in Door County.

Shipwrecked Restaurant & Brewery building in Egg Harbor Wi

UPDATE: Shipwrecked had a major fire on August 21 2017 and is closed until further notice.  Looks like they may be rebuilding on the site in the near future.   Sad to see this happen to an historic building and to a great business.

We have dined here several times, and the food is good - especially in the ambiance of the outdoor patio which reminds me of a Cape Cod setting.  Beautiful!  You must try it, and they brew some very nice ales and beers here!

On the food side, you can check out there menu, but we have had the Carolinea Pork Butt Pulled Pork sandwich several times and it is good!  They have lots of things like veggie burgers for the noon-meat lovers, fish, salads, a Turkey S.O.B. (South of the Border!) spiced up and fun, and entrees like Brew House Ribs which are smotheres in Copper Ale BBQ!  You will find something on the menu that appeals to you!

We recently stopped in for lunch and enjoyed a a lunch special, a home made meatloaf sandwich, and some tilapia tacos.  The home made meatloaf sandwich came on a square bun, with a thick slice or meatloaf with a ketcup glaze on top of it.  It was very tasty and very good - we recommended it to a couple next to us when they asked. Came with a nice potato salad - I added some pepper to the potatoe salad to punch it up a bit.  Very good.   Our other reviewer had the tilapia tacos - flour tortillas with tilapia and a citrusy salsa, and a bean and rice medley.  Different - but also very good.

Shipwrecked Meatloaf sandwich in Egg Harbor Wi Shipwrecked Fish Tacos in Egg Harbor Wi

It is one of the major restaurants in Egg Harbor, and the County, but now we will focus on the brews that they concoct. Shipwrecked has a somewhat nautical theme, and is housed in an historic building that dates back to the mid-to-late read menu1800's.  There is a nice bar to the right as you walk in, with tables to the left as well as the restaurant, mainly housed in another room.  There is also a very nice patio out front, where, in season, you can enjoy a nice micro-brew.They do seasonal beers as well, like a Pumpkin Ale in the Fall, or maybe even a coffee porter.  But their standard brews are as follows, and, yes, we have had to sample them all, many times.

  1. Bayside Blonde, which is  blonde colored, of course,  from roasted barley and choice hops from the Northwest.  It is a little hoppy, but has a nice crisp taste and flavor.
  2. Captain's Copper, which is copper-colored, and more of a full-bodied ale ala the English ales, with aShipwrecked  bar and sitting area in Egg Harbor Wi slight caramel flavor.  We enjoy this one quite a bit.
  3. Door County Cherry Wheat, sounds kitschy, but this is my favorite micro-brew here.  It's a medium bodied beer, of course made with wheat and juice from fresh Door County cherries.  It really is quite refreshing on a hot summer day, and I have enjoyed this one the most.
  4. Lighthouse Light, is indeed a lighter brew, yet hold up to the rest, with a hint of honey.  Very enjoyable indeed.
  5. Peninsula Porter, is your dark, heavy beer offering, a little sweet, slight hint of coffee, with a rich malt flavor.

Shipwrecked opened in 1997, but the building is an historic pub and restaurant from the logging days back in the late 1800s.  There is even rumor that a notorious gangster from Chicago used to hang out here once in a while when he was laying low.  

There are also rooms above the pub and restauirant as well!  

Open weekends (Friday-Sunday) November through April!

Stop in for some lunch or dinner and a cool one, and please tell them that sent you

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