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Simon Creek Vineyard & Winery

5896 Bochek Road, Sturgeon Bay, WI,

Winter Hours

Nov. - Memorial Day Weekend: 11am - 4pm daily

Everyone loves wine, and it is quickly becoming the favorite alcoholic beverage in the United States; and wine is now available from all over the world, making access to fine wines easy.

Simon Creek Vineyard & Winery logo Sturgeon Bay WiWell, who would think about wine production in Door County?  Tim Lawrie and Lance Nelson – that’s who.  Simon Creek Vineyard & Winery is tucked away on acres and acres of pristine Door County land, near Carlsville Wisconsin – south of Egg Harbor, and near Sturgeon Bay.  Door County is building a reputation for producing some very fine wines!

Simon Creek had planted 34 acres of vineyards back in 2000 - making them the largest vineyard in the state of Wisconsin.  In 2009, Lance said,  they  their grapes were ready for production and that most of their wine will be produced using their own grapes.  They are using their own grapes today.


Simon Creek Vineyard & Winery building in Sturgeon Bay WiSimon Creek Vineyard & Winery continues to produce excellent wines, currently offering 17 varieties.  Our staff has tried them all, and they are all superior, however we have our favorites.  We keep returning and we always have Simon Creek wines in our personal stock!

The grounds are beautiful, and there is a deck out back that overlooks part of the vineyard, with tables and chairs.  You can purchase a bottle and have a little picnic outside.  The shop itself is gorgeous, with racks and racks of wines you can purchase, glassware, ceramics, wine racks and holders, and lots more.

Stroll in and enjoy your very own wine tasting, anytime.  You can sample the wines right at the tasting bar, at no charge!

Simon Creek wine tasting room in Sturgeon Bay WiWine Choices at Simon Creek
Simon Creek offers choices in reds and whites, a rose and dessert wines. On the red side, they offer an American Merlot, a true classic red; an solid Cabernet Sauvignon, a hint of oak, dark cherries and spice- a deep colored wine with a fruity taste of dark berries; and their Untouchable Red, a deep red, medium dry wine; and a Speakeasy Red - a sweeter red table wine - sweeter when chilled, a little less sweet at room temperature.   This is a great wine to introduce someone to red wines - as Tim (not the owenr but another) calls it "red wine training wheels."

On the White side of the offerings, they have an American Viognier, a dry white wine with hints of citrus and fruit (excellent); an American Chardonnay, with mild fruit flavors, with a rich golden color; an American Gewurztraminer, a pleasant medium sweet wine in the tradition of a fine German wine, which can be served before, during or after a meal, depending on your preferences; and an Untouchable White - a medium sweet white table wine which is very refreshing - great with cheeses.

And a newer rose wine, Autumn Vineyard - a clean, semi-sweet, simple wine.

Simon Creek Vineyard & Winery outdoor deck in Sturgeon Bay WiOn the sweet side, for desserts and wine and cheese pairings, Simon Creek brings to the table a Jackson Port, a superb after dinner wine; an Light Sweet Muscat – similar to ice wine, which is a lighter, fruity wine (with a hint of peach); Door County Cherry -  made of course from Door County cherries, is a good, refreshing and sweet favorite;  Hazelnut Port - a deep red port with a powerful hazelnut flavor; a Chocolate Port - deep red with a hint of dark chocolate - pair this with some gourmet chocolates or fudge and drink up; and finally, Alexa Cerise, a sweet wine made with Door County cherries.

On one reviewing trip, our staff brought our wine expert along, who personally owns 9,500 bottles of wine from all over the world, and is truly knowledgeable.  He can taste a wine and tell you what grapes it was made with, and he knows excellence.  So we sneaked him in for a wine tasting.

We tasted the entire line, and when we were finished, our wine expert purchased a mixed case; he was impressed.  We have personally purchased wines from Simon Creek about a dozen times, and you can even order on-line from their website.

Our Favorites at Simon Creek

Simon Creek Vineyard & Winery Cabernet Sauvignon in Sturgeon Bay WiOn the red side, we love the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Untouchable Red (you know, a famous “gangster” tried to purchase this property from the original Mr. Simon, but Mr. Simon was not interested, and survived!)  Of the whites, we love the American Viognier – it is crisp, clean and delicious; and the Untouchable White; and on the sweet side, we like the American Gewurztraminer.  For desert wines, we are hands-down sold on the Chocolate Port!

You will even find live music at Simon Creek on certain dates.  Check their music schedule!

The wines are reasonably priced (check their website) and when purchased, the staff provides a secure carrier for the bottles.  Of course you enjoy wine, and we know you will enjoy these wines by Simon Creek!  So next time you come to the Door County Peninsula, make Simon Creek Vineyard & Winery a must-stop.  As you head North on Hwy 42 from Sturgeon Bay, when you get to Carlsville, turn right on County I and follow the signs.  You will be rewarded for your effort.  Or you can order on-line right now!

Either way, please tell Lance, Tim and the gang that sent you - that helps keep this website alive & well . . . for you!

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